HUMANOS is a premium streetwear fashion brand which is leading a societal movement, founded, and based in Cardiff. The name of the brand translates to ‘humans’ in Spanish and Portuguese, it also reflects the core goal and values of the brand which are to represent our humanity to one another, and build kinder and more inclusive communities by making people feel accepted and welcome regardless of their background, culture, religion, sexuality etc in order to help reduce hate crime.

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HUMANOS designs are handcrafted using different methods They are abstract, creative, modern and are inspired by western society.

The geometric shapes in the designs represent the structure, rules and boundaries we have in this society.

The faceless sketches are our interpretation of how we are viewed by authorities / others without an individual identity or personality and a follower in a crowd.

The animals (stag design) represents the power struggle in society with business and with equality and race.


Due to COVID-19 we are running limited events this year and some will take place online. To keep Informed about our events please email humanosfashion@gmail.com.

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